Sunday, September 26, 2010

Against All Odds

Maurizio Cattelan strikes again with yet another bold move. A monumental middle finger at the heart of Milan, strategically placed in front of the Milan Stock Exchange throughout Milan Fashion Week. Be it is his way of saying f**k you to all the bankers and stakeholders involved in finance, or whether it is an in-your-face statement for all who has gone against him, his latest piece entitled L.O.V.E has received much love and attention from the public.

L.O.V.E in its most literal and sophisticated form is made out of marble and put on a pedestal Standing 11 feet tall, all the fingers appear to be cut off with the exception of the middle finger. Undoubtedly, this piece was intended for a more deep, complex discussion. It is against ideology and practically the final mockery of all 'isms'. The artist donated this piece to the city of Milan but was quickly refused by the city's administrators. L.O.V.E was originally calledOmnia Munda Mundis, which is derived from a Latin sentence and translates to "to the pure [men], all things are [pure]."

In Cattelan's words, "Officially, it's named L.O.V.E - so it stands for love - but everyone can read between the lines and take away the message they see for themselves." At Piazza Affari, this controversial sculpture will only be up for 10 days during the Milan Fashion Week. If your around, don't miss the chance to see it!

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