Sunday, September 26, 2010

Art and Seek: FAME Festival Recap

For the last three years, FAME Festival has gathered an impressive group of international artists to collaborate and work side by side in the small Italian town of Grottaglie, known for its pottery industry. More specifically, it was held at the Antica Bottega Popcchia, the most ancient ceramic workshop in the area.

* BLU *
* Basta *
* Boris Ozpetek *
* Boris Ozpetek *
* Cyop e Kaf *
* Erica el Cane *
* JR - frontal, close up *
* JR - full *
* King Momo *

The name "FAME" has a double meaning in two languages. In Italian, "fame" means hungry, while in English it refers to the status of success. 21 international flew down during the summer to co-mingle with local artisans of the pottery and print production. Not to mention, it is also a tradition for exhibiting artists to paint on the walls and streets all around the city. The result? Incredible. If you love street art, you have to plan a visit to Grottaglie, Italy.

* Lucy McLaughlan *
* Nunca *
* Os Gemeos *
* Sam 3 *
* Sam 3 *
* Wet 'n' Wild by Slinkachu *
* Vhills *

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