Sunday, December 19, 2010

Porcelain Faces

Yes, if you are wondering why some of the images look familiar, you probably saw my brief posting on it before. There is something very mysterious and freakishly charming about these paintings. The models have a certain appeal to them; they appear to be very innocent, fragile and helpless. Very eerie, but beautifully done, which makes the daunting images quite acceptable. I love the play between the colors, textures and patterns, as well as the dark and light. Very dramatic and yet still manage to be subtle. They definitely leave the viewer wondering and questioning...

Artist: Antonio Santin

Miami Vice


Ridiculously cool images from the street and urban art show at Art Basel Miami 2010. A handful amount of talented artists showing off their skills in walls and murals at the heart of Miami. Hands down beautiful shots, props to the magnificent Luna Park, the ultimate guide and documenter of street art in the US vicinity and beyond. Grazie mille.


There are actually a whole lot more. Go fish at her flicker page.

Source: Flickriver

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Poetry in Vessels

Simone Leigh, a Chicago native began her career in ceramics/pottery soon after being inspired after her internship at the Smithsonian Institute's National Museum of African Art, where she was exposed to African ceramics, 19th century texts and museological strategies. Her work combines the edgy, urban aesthetic with traditional forms, covering topics such that revolve around transgression and awareness. Leigh often explores the idea of the imagery of the black female body, as well as the romanticization of primitivism and fertility.

Presently, based out of her Brooklyn studio, Simone Leigh embrace the art scene with her sculptures. Her work resembles poetry, very deep and yet fragile when digested in the cultural and political context. She states, "My work is often about the idea of corrupt education. I learned how to make 'African pot' using 19th-century colonial texts. Which is kind of cool...I feel as inspired by the attempt to be scientific, that anthropological approach to objects, as I am by the materials, the surfaces and the gestures of the objects themselves."

Read more about Simone Leigh at this ArtInfo article.

Artist: Simon Leigh

Drip Drip Drip

Thought I should make a compilation of the German artist, Markus Linnenbrink's amazing installation shots. More than anything, I have always been a fan of his mural/wall pieces ever since the day I walked into Gensler's office at the Rockefeller Center in midtown New York. What he does to floors are pretty impressive as well. It is amazing how much his work changes the perspective of a certain space.

Artist: Markus Linnenbrink | Represented by FTC Gallery

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Ancient Rituals

Inspired by ancient Tibetan burial rituals at Mount Kalash, Mexican-born artist Ricardo Mazal created these stunning paintings with gorgeous hues. I took several installation shots for documentations. From up close, it looks as if Mazal used a type of cloth to drag the paint--similar technique to Miriam Cabessa. The exhibition will be on view until December 18, 2010.

Artist: Ricardo Mazal | Exhibiting at Sundaram Tagore Gallery

Monday, December 6, 2010

And the Beat Goes On...

This is really cool. The Swedish music software developer Propellerhead built what we can see in this video as the world's biggest drum machine. Its an interactive piece that was on view and available to the public in Stockholm. It was projected onto a skyscraper building. Ah, only in Sweden.

Source: Gizmodo

Mentalgassi for Amnesty International

Very impressive and quite effective.

Artist: Mentalgassi | Source: Amnesty International

Saturday, December 4, 2010

High Up in a Pedestal: Galerie Emmanuel Perrotin

Galerie Emmanuel Perrotin is one of the most exciting contemporary art galleries operating in the art world today. The credit goes back to the man behind the commercial gallery himself, Emmanuel Perrotin, a truly inspiring individual with an exquisite taste for art. Over the years he had built an impressive roster of internationally acclaimed artists and continually searches (and finds) emerging artists from the contemporary art world.

Aside from offsite exhibitions such as Maurizio Cattelan's monumental sculpture at Palazzo Real, Piazzo Affari, Milan, and Takashi Murakami's Murakami Versailles at Château Versailles, his galleries have been producing fascinating exhibitions of their artists. This includes Paola Pivi's What Goes Round Art Comes Around, KAWS' Pay the Debt to Nature, and Daniel Arsham's Alter.

* Paola Pivi's What Goes Round Art Comes Around exhibition shots*

What Goes Round Art Comes Around shows the magical world of Paola Pivi through her latest sculpture and installation work. Being one of the most anticipated artist from the Italian art community, Pivi offers a unique perspective on objects and things around us. She ultimately justifies our focus on aesthetics and the environment we live in.

* KAWS's exhibition shots *

KAWS' Pay the Debt to Nature once again showcases the resurfacing of familiar photographs and twists on popular culture characters. The exhibition combines fiberglass sculptures and paintings. Brian Donnelly strikes again, this time with a more abstract twist.

*Daniel Arsham's Alter exhibition at Art Basel Miami*

In conjunction to Miami Art Basel, Galerie Emmanuel Perrotin put together a solo exhibition of Daniel Arsham. The exhibition, Alter, is comprised of three new body of works includingObjects from Antiquity, Push Puppets, and Pixel Clouds. My personal favorite is the Pixel Cloud piece, which I find to be very calming or soothing.

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