Saturday, December 4, 2010


Distillation, Roxy Paine's latest show, comprised of installation, drawings and sculptures occupies all four rooms within James Cohan Gallery's fabulous, New York space. As we enter, we are first engaged by the stainless steel distillery equipment situated near the receptionist's desk. It is impossible to miss the Paine's installation as the vein-like roots expand throughout and across the room. These roots, some painted red appeared to be very vibrant as if we can feel or see the distilling process occurring as we walk pas by it. It is particularly interesting how these stainless steel "roots," nearly touching the surface of the ceiling, floor and walls and going about in various direction changes our perspective of the room.

It was a one piece, large-scale installation that signify Paine's artistic and mental process. It was quite exceptional, as he compares the mechanization of how he functions as an artist and a visionary to a highly industrial yet scientific process of purification. How pure can a thought really be broken down to? In a creative process, an idea always starts from somewhere and it is quite impossible not to draw inspiration from elsewhere.

Nevertheless, his installation work resembles a giant heart, pumping out blood vessels throughout each gallery space, giving it a life of its own. It is evident in the first gallery on the left side of the entrance, where his other installation piece, Oscillation is marvelously situated. The piece, comprised of various fungus (mushrooms) made out of polymer, oil and lacquer, is arranged in a large spiral, which appear to symbolize growth. As we walk towards the two back rooms the idea evolves into a new yet related thought process on the . How do certain elements in life form and where do they begin?

In short, Distillation is a very impressive exhibition and it will only remain for public view until December 11th, 2010. So, I would highly suggest stopping by before they take the installations down.

Artist: Roxy Paine | Exhibiting at James Cohan Gallery

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