Saturday, December 18, 2010

Poetry in Vessels

Simone Leigh, a Chicago native began her career in ceramics/pottery soon after being inspired after her internship at the Smithsonian Institute's National Museum of African Art, where she was exposed to African ceramics, 19th century texts and museological strategies. Her work combines the edgy, urban aesthetic with traditional forms, covering topics such that revolve around transgression and awareness. Leigh often explores the idea of the imagery of the black female body, as well as the romanticization of primitivism and fertility.

Presently, based out of her Brooklyn studio, Simone Leigh embrace the art scene with her sculptures. Her work resembles poetry, very deep and yet fragile when digested in the cultural and political context. She states, "My work is often about the idea of corrupt education. I learned how to make 'African pot' using 19th-century colonial texts. Which is kind of cool...I feel as inspired by the attempt to be scientific, that anthropological approach to objects, as I am by the materials, the surfaces and the gestures of the objects themselves."

Read more about Simone Leigh at this ArtInfo article.

Artist: Simon Leigh

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