Sunday, February 6, 2011

Heritage Mural Competition: Indonesia

Open Call: Entries For Heritage Mural Competition
January 19th-February 12th, 2011

Technical description of competition:

A. Design format for mural

- original artwork: RGB format, tiff, size 3543 x 5315 pixels (equivalent to 60 x 90cm, 150 pixels/inch), vertical position.
- thumbnail of artwork: RGB format, jpg, size 534 x 800 pixels (equivalent to 9 x 13.5cm, 150 pixels/inch), vertical position.

B. Expectations (Technical)

- Free-form ,original, visual artwork. 100% designed and produced by the artist without using elements that go against the copyright laws (e.g. infringement, copy or imitation of another artists and falsification). If there is such report, artwork will be disqualified and face charges.
- Artwork can be an individual work or a collaborative piece that involves and credits the individuals involved, who will qualify the participant prerequisites and expectations of the competition.
- Artwork can be created using computer graphics or produced and illustrated manually by hand and transferred into a digital format through scanning or photography.
- All artworks submitted to the committee and judges remain to each individual artist. The committee have rights to release and publish the artwork accompanied by credentials and information of the artwork/artist.

C. Submission Guidelines

- 1 CD (compact disc) containing the original artwork and its thumbnail.
- 1 computer print out of the artwork in an A4 sized paper. It could be printed directly or attached (glued) to the paper.
- 1 registration form for the competition (original/printout/photocopy) that is filled out (with proper biography, description of artwork).
- copy of KTP/Student identification. Write "Lomba IGN Mural Nasional Indonesia 2011" (IGN Indonesia National Mural Competition 2011) on the upper left-hand corner of the envelope. Envelope cannot be folded/rolled.

D. Deadline and where to submit work

- Deadline is February 12, 2011 at 5pm wib (not the postmark). Artwork must be submitted to the office by the posted deadline.
- Send directly via mail to PO BOX 1002 SEMARANG or via email to attaching all required documentation.

All artworks submitted will have equal rights and opportunity to be judged by the committee and juries. Each individual artist will only have one opportunity to be judged and receive one award. The panel of judges consists of individuals from the National Art and Culture Committee.

Revitalize, Reinvented and Reinforcement (rural economy for the national development)

1. 27 finalists will be appointed and all transportation and accommodation will be covered.
2. All materials are provided by the committee board.
3. PRIZE: 1st $2,500 (25 juta), 2nd $1,500 (15 juta), and 3rd $1,000 (10 juta).

For details on criteria, pre-requisites, registration, downloading application and for all other information please go to Mural Competition.

You can watch the video of the actual heritage site/mural space here.

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