Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Ocampo Quotes

There were many intriguing phrases that Manuel Ocampo said during the discussion at Valentine Willie Fine Arts (VWFA) Singapore. Here are a couple of my favorites:

"I am an artist pretending to be a painter."

"A canvas is never blank. I am obsessed with Francis Picarpia, an impressionist painter who worked with Duchamp. When I look at a canvas, I see his ghost or his influence."

"Are works on paper considered drawing? But they are painted using a brush and pigmented brush stroke." - - in response to Tony Godfrey's comment and classification on drawings.

"The culture I grew up in is a perverse culture, a culture of hybrid, in which we mix everything."

"To confront the language of the painting with another language, it creates a certain tension. It confuses you. All these things are operating simultaneously." -- in response to a discussion on his incorporation of text into his paintings.

"Everything is about performance, especially if you are in another country. In the Philipines it is a different kind of performance. It is more natural, while in other countries is is more theatrical. Everything you do is performance."

"I see painting as a very ritual practice. You surrender to it. There is something about painting that I find quite spiritual."

"I go to church not to worship, but to appreciate it." -- answering the question on his beliefs and religious practices.

"In the United States, art seems to be limited as to that it has reached the end of the road. There is no more further possibilities in doing things. On the other hand, in Manila, art is new to them. There is a certain hunger, certain things to explore."

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