Tuesday, February 1, 2011

POST-MUSEUM in Singapore

Come walk around to the older streets of Little India in Singapore and see what you can find. Ah, yes, I am referring to Rowell Street. On January 8th, we were taken to an alternative contemporary art space and cafe amidst the 1920s shop houses. Situated at the heart of Little India, owners Jennifer Teo and Woon Tien Wei welcomes its visitors to a warm and comfortable space in which they call Post-Museum. Their main objective of opening up the space is to expand ideas beyond traditional assumptions and improve the local art scene, be it in music, theater, drama and the arts itself.

What is fascinating is that Post-Museum is few of existing art spaces in the country that is self-sufficient and not government-funded. This energetic and revolutionary independent cultural and social space can be seen as an asset to local Singaporeans, providing them a sense of underground and exclusive artist community that encourages a proactive outlook and critical thinking towards arts and culture throughout the country.

Oh, one more thing. When you decide to pop by at Post-Museum's cafe Food #03, please try the homemade Chocolate Almond Soy Milk. Oh yes, it is to die for and I am pretty much OBSESSED. Freshly made in front of your very eyes and taste magnificent! A must try, we were lucky Woon Tien Wei prepared (and provided the recipe) for us to try to make at home.

We also checked out the artwork by 2 Singaporean artists, Marc Gabriel Loh and Clare Marie Ryan, in collaboration with Danish artists, John Stahn and Jes Brinch at the opening reception of The Pearly Gates.

Visit Post-Museum's website | Facebook

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