Friday, February 4, 2011

Revealing Hidden Realities


Graffiti and street artists build on the community and reflect upon their surroundings. The artists don't recreate a new narrative or scenario, they just position their characters and personality into the scene. They grab you immediately and provide a piece of mind. Seeing art in the street (and not in the artist's studio or fancy galleries) is a breath of fresh air. Their work takes the harshness off the streets and lightens up the mood and spirit of its passerby.

*Bujangan Urban*

In other words, they see the world as their canvas, filling in gaps whenever they see the opportunity to. They embrace beauty within abandoned buildings, curbs & stoops, corner alleys, flaking walls and rusty doors--giving new life to decay. These artists recollect, restore and recreate meaning into neglected sites.

Image source: Kaskus

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