Friday, March 25, 2011


You know the verse in the bible, let light shine out of darkness? This is it. The Planet is Covered by Silvery Sleep is definitely an intriguing art installation by Japanese artist Konoike Tomoko. I saw one of her pieces when I was visiting Asia over the winter break. However, this six-legged wolf covered in pieces of mirror in front of hides from its own kind is breathtaking. What makes it such a powerful piece is how the artist magnificently arranges it within the space. How the light falls down shining into the wolf and is reflected back into the room creates this illusion (and presence) of a mystical being standing before you.

As described elegantly by The Black Wolf blog: "It embodies movement, myth, self-reflection, an oblique unknowability, the esoteric, the hidden, the supernatural. It's shattered mirror surface expresses a broken reflection and it's post-animal mineral composition. It represents ourselves reflected in nature, it's our multitude of selves."

Beautifully executed. Click here for more on Mizuma Art Gallery.

Artist: Konoike Tomoko | Source: The Black Wolf

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