Friday, May 20, 2011

Projecting Ransom

Using reclaimed materials, William Ransom creates extensive installations and explore his sculptural practice, which employs a conceptual and highly engaged experimentation in craftsmanship. His work is far from being a collection of static objects. In fact, his sculptures, made out of scavenged pieces of wood promotes the life cycle of the material itself. The artist particularly engages the viewers with the idea of reincarnation--the concept that even materials go through death and rebirth, consumption and regenerations. It may seem a little bit cliché, but growing up in Vermont, Ransom is able to convey a tale of excessive production and consumerism based on his personal observation and response to such occurrences. His multifaceted work is highly influenced by the multi-layered approach to farming, in which one is obligated to wear different hats and function appropriately in the daily activities. Thus, nature itself along with his undergraduate studies on biology and ecology has become a great deal that is carried on throughout his work. Art is a mechanism that allows freedom of expression and it has undoubtedly become an important platform for communication. With that in mind, Random feels the need to engage the viewers with the material and with the work he puts in front of them.

William Ransom will be exhibiting his work in an upcoming group show, Telephone and Polemically Small at Toledo Art Museum in California. The show will be running from May 28th-June 25th, 2011 with an opening reception on May 28th, 5pm-9pm. For more info, click here.

Artist: William Ransom

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