Thursday, May 19, 2011

Steel-ing a Profile

Genius! Artist and designer Jeroen Verhoeven 's marvelous stainless steel desk, Lectori Salutem is undoubtedly one of the coolest desks out there. The polished desk was created using computer aide design and manufacturing. Viewed from certain angles, two silhouettes can be seen, depicting Verhoeven's twin brother Joep and Judith de Graauw--both whom work as his colleagues at Dutch design firm, Demakersvan.

"Lectori Salutem thus tells the story of its own creation, allowing the viewer an insight into the physical construction of the work, as well as providing a highly personal link with its makers." says Verhoeven. "We are storytellers, from fantasy to factory, from statement to product."

Read more about Lectori Salutem on MocoLoco.

Artist: Jeroen Verhoeven of Demakersvan | Source: TWBE

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