Thursday, June 30, 2011

Friends With You in NYC

Long overdue pictures from the Friends With You installation by Highland Park in West Chelsea. These are pictures I took during my stay in New York early June.

Across the Bridge

Random post. I thought about you, my beloved New York. As much as I try not to think about it, I miss being there. I was looking at pictures I have with me while I was sitting on the train on the way to Cologne, Germany and I really miss this specific spot where this picture was taken. In fact, I was daydreaming about sipping my favorite hot chocolate from this chocolate shop, sitting by the water, staring at the bridge, reading a nice book and lying down on the grass. This neighborhood is such a perfect little gem and I will come back to you very soon.


"Matchcarden is everything you need to cultivate your own cress lawn: simply attach your house to garden, sow the seeds and add a little water. In just a few days your garden will start to grow, a little nature indoors." -- quoted from their blog.

I love how Another Studio For Design designed and produced two different themes for their product Matchcarden. The City Street of your typical London inspired townhouses . The other set, which includes churches, thatched cottage and the local shop are three samples from The Typical English Village theme.

Check out this stop motion animation that Millie Harvey produced for them.

Source and designer: Another Studio For Design

Sticky Icky: Amsterdam

I thought I would share these collection of funny or cool pieces spread throughout.

Out and About: Amsterdam

Spotted some pieces by C215 and A1ONE.

Out and About: Rotterdam

Random shots in Rotterdam before my camera died. Bummer. I did manage to see the all the amazing architecture though, including the cube houses, the CCTV building etc. Stickers were found throughout Rotterdam Centraal. The mural was done by Brazilian artist Onio on Mauritshof. Back in 2009, Rotterdam actually hosted the R.U.A Festival, which was organized by Caramundo. Check out the video below.

To read more about this past event and see images taken by Seth Nicolas click here. Big shout out to my friend Dante Horoiwa for being purely awesome.

Source: RUA Blog

Den Haag: Parkpop 2011

Good times, good times. Had such a blast.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Artistic Output vs. Theoretical Thought

Long-time artist, Michelangelo Pistoletto was born in Biella in 1933. In 2003, he won Venice Biennale's Golden Lion for Lifelong Achievement. His participation as well as contribution to the art world gave way to an international recognition of his talent and fresh ideas. One of the important quality that Pistoletto brings to us is his intelligence and ability to articulate and express his understanding of the world into immaculate forms of art.

Artist: Michelangelo Pistoletto


by Tamar Guimarães, 2010 from the exhibition The Work of the Spirit (Parade) at Gasworks, London, UK.

Artist: Tamar Guimarães | Exhibiting at Gasworks

Out and About: Sloterdijk Amsterdam

Project ASA also organized some live painting events at Sloterdijk, Amsterdam this past weekend. Artists Kenzo, Sweet Toof, Ox-Alien, BToy, Goin and Clone painted on billboards that were placed throughout the Sloterdijk station's vicinity. Above are several shots I took quickly as we waited for our other friend to arrive. I got a chance to stop by on my way to Den Haag for the free concert, PopPark Festival. Oh yeah, it was a lot of fun. I got to see Jamie Cullum live in the summer heat. Thankfully, there were booze and food that came along with the journey.

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