Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Exhibition Recap: All Stars @ Go Gallery

Despite the mild rain and dreary weather, my friend and I made a trip to Go Gallery to attend the opening reception of All Stars Exhibition, which was organized by Amsterdam Street Art (also known as ASA) and gallery owner, Oscar Van Der Voorn. It must be fate that my trip schedule was moved around last minute. If anything, I am grateful that everything turned out the way it did for I would have missed such a successful exhibition. The team members of Project ASA have been working so hard in organizing the various events and occurrences throughout the city. With aims to celebrate street art and beautify the city, their ambition is to become the liaison between artists and the public.

As expected, the exhibition drew in an eclectic mix of individuals and groups, some of whom seem to be regulars or are at least were a part of the community. It was nice to see such a warm and intimate bunch gathered in a space to not only mingle and admire the art, but most importantly to support the cause of the projects as well as to support the participating artists. Nonetheless, I admire the curation of the exhibition in itself. Simple, straightforward and dynamic. Each piece was carefully chosen and equally interesting; although some drew in more attention than others. Placed at the front of the gallery were Kenzo and Orticanoodles' work across from GOIN and Klone. Walking further into the space, the audience were greeted by Sweet Toof, Bustart, Ox-Alien, London Police, as well as locals such as Michan and KBTR.

The gallery had a very welcoming layout. My friend and I roamed around the gallery, enjoying each piece and ended up discussing a lot of the pieces. Going to this particular exhibition was quite an experience, because it is unexpected. We were not only impressed by the artist line up and the work chosen for each artist, but primarily, we felt that the placement of some of these works next to or across from each other worked out quite well. It was not the regular cookie-cutter type of exhibition or ones that are jumbled. Ease-dropping at a couple of conversations, we were happy to hear that a lot of the visitors agreed that it was a coherent show. Our favorites were OrticaNoodles' skull piece that was modeled after artist Frida Kahlo, GOIN's Fukushima Flowers, and Michan's three pieces tucked in the furthest walls of the space.

Aside from the framed pieces in the back gallery, London Police also did a wall (ceiling to be precise) painting inside the gallery as well as a large piece on the Prisengracht mural next door to the gallery. In fact, there were amazing pieces around the gallery that my friend and I spotted. I am sure there were more around us but the rain directed our route to a place that I immediately fell in love with, La Oliva. I highly recommend you checking out this place if you are looking to enjoy a delicious round of Spanish tapas, and wine. Not to mention, the place is so cozy and intimate that you would easily come back just to sit down and have a nice conversation with your friends or family.

Moreover, if you are around and have a chance, the exhibition will be on view at Go Gallery until July 24, 2011. For more information or to see the artist line up, click here.

Exhibition organized by Project ASA and Go Gallery.

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