Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Wooden Textiles

In our current time, innovation is a familiar word that fits perfectly in our description of the everyday life. Everywhere we look and everywhere we go, there will always be new information to process and endless possibilities to grasp. This goes for the world of art and design as well. Most recently, I have read about artist Elisa Strozyk's creation and discovery: wooden textiles. Who would of thought something so rigid could offer such a delicate face? This hand-crafted wooden textile are perfectly hand-cut and laser-cut geometric shapes that are bonded to fabric backing. Sounds bizarre, but looking closely at her experimentation, this German-based textile designer has figured out a way to make wood flexible!

The secret is that she deconstructs reclaimed wood veneer left over from workshops, cutting it into small shapes and sizes before attaching it to fabric backing by hand. Depending on what type of fabric backing, be it Lycra or silk, the flexibility of the wood can be controlled. Not to mention, the shape of the pieces plays an integral part in the flexibility too. According to her experimentation, having a triangular shape allows the most opportunity for movement.

"Wooden textiles is a material that is half wood-half textile, between hard and soft, challenging what can be expected from a material or category," explains Strozyk. "It looks and smells familiar but feels strange, as it is able to move and form in unexpected ways."

Artist: Elisa Strozyk | Source: Daily Art Muse

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