Saturday, August 27, 2011

Spraypaint, Pool and Non-Stop Skateboarding

What happens when you combine an empty pool, spray paint and a couple of skaters? A happily ever-after marriage. Sometime last month, artist D*Face brought together all these elements and combined it into one big bowl of fun. This video has obviously made its rounds into the homes and attentions of approximately 750,000 viewers.

The crew prepping for the project:

*The Set-Up*

*The artist's brushes: Tristan Rennie, Kevin Burke, Ozzie Ausband, Dave Ruel, and Steve Alba*

The video itself was shot with GoPro and 7D. Below are some snaps from the scene:

To read more about the Culver City, Los Angeles project or to simply check cruise through more images, go to Concrete Disciples' website.

Artist: D*Face | Source: Concrete Disciples

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