Saturday, August 27, 2011

Trippy Stuff

Dutch Visual artists MRRK and Ine van den Elsen brings back the 1960s trippy light show in a new music video they produced for Dutch band TWR 72 pulsing track, "Tunnel." The explosions of colors using ink and oil provokes a mesmerizing display of liquid fireworks.

The video captures the interaction of colored inks and oil, something we all learned in art and science classes throughout middle school and high school. As we can see in the video, the more ink is used, the more intense the color explosion became.

The team shot all of the footage in three days using a micro lens, which allowed them to zoom in on the action in the petri dish, and edited the video in a week. With limited time and extreme dedication the artists wasted no time. "There were a lot of fumes involved, so we got a little bit high during the shoot and had a lot of fun making the video," van den Elsen tells Belinda Lanks of Co.Design. "We really felt connected to the psychedelic liquid light shows from the sixties."

Note to readers, make sure you keep the sound on full blast. Its great.

Artist: MRRK and Ine van den Elsen | Music by TWR 72

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