Thursday, November 17, 2011


Michael Stevenson was born in 1965 in Inglewood, New Zealand. His path has lead him to pursue his artistic journey and settle in Berlin, Germany where he now has his studio. Stevenson is an accomplished artist, blessed with talent that ranges across various mediums including drawing, sculpture and video. In many of his works, he has yet brought these different disciplines together to create sophisticated installations that in turn present documentary and physical events in which illustrate his theories. Allowing the work to speak for itself, the artist leaves plenty of room for interpretation--placing the viewer in an uncertain position throughout the experience. Yet, it is this knowledge gap that keeps us wanting more. We are often left with our own unique (perhaps scholarly) brains to negotiate his complex web of fact and fiction.

Michael Stevenson's work often investigates legends surrounding controversial events that took place in the art world. Long been exercised by intricate metaphorics, he has often been referred to as an 'anthropologist of the Avant-garde.' In fact, his work invents a new level of alternate channels through which the flow of economics, history and the art market are set to follow devious courses. Stevenson, in spirit of a conspiracy-theorist, proposes carefully constructed yet odd relationship formed between such legends and historical events. On close inspection, the objects used in his sculptural installations turn out to be, materially, wholly in excess of their apparent documentary function.

A large chunk of his work was recently exhibited for a couple of months at Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney, Australia. To be forwarded to the microsite or to learn more about his various medium of work, click here.

Artist: Michael Stevenson | Represented by Darrenk Night Gallery

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