Saturday, November 19, 2011

Elegantly Twisted

Dancers (and performers in general) have always been an interesting subject to all of us. Remember when Edgar Degas became fixated with ballerinas as subjects for numerous paintings and sculpture modeling? Or Orientalist painter Jean Leon Gerome portrayed the belly dancers, performers in the East? Well, the curiosity and fascination still exists today and have been translated into numerous of artworks across all medium. It may seem overdone, however, photographer Bertil Nilsson's portraits are stunning and worth looking into. He creates these captivating images and frames each of them in such a charming light. Beautiful color palette!

Not too long ago, Nilsson published a book called Undisclosed Circus. Click here to be directed to the book's website. You will be able to flip over some pages of the book and have a sneak peak.

Artist/Photographer: Bertil Nilsson

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