Monday, November 14, 2011

A Million Faces

Thierry Despont is what you call an architect, artist and scholar. His bold pursuits of authenticity, both in methods and materials of construction, fully extends his skills learned at École Nationale Superiéure des Beaux Arts in Paris (and Urban Planning graduate degree from Harvard University).

This Limoges-born architect has often portrayed by the design press as a decorator rather than a master architect. However, what is most attractive is his artwork, advocating that of the antique and classical traditions. Pictured above are several examples of his distinguished masks series that I adore.

As you can see, these mysterious masks are constructed from collections of discarded relics from the industrial era. He transforms old workshop tools and fragments of found machinery and farming equipment into fantastic assemblages of contemporary masks. Most of the scraps are flea market and vintage finds from foreign shops that he came across throughout his travels. Nevertheless, these objects directly translate to Despont's aesthetics and to an extent, act as Despont's most eloquent ambassadors.

Artist: Thierry Despont | Represented by Marlborough Gallery

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