Wednesday, November 16, 2011

What's In a Box?

Jim Doran is one magnificent artist that has a unique ability to create the tiniest sculptures that fit into your pocket! Utilizing materials as simple as pen/ink and paper cut-outs, Doran constructs these thought-provoking dioramas based on his fascination of the positive environment around him.

As a creative pursuit, his goal is to give life to his art within our three dimensional world. Below you will see the level of intricacy of Doran's work.

Jim Doran is a self-taught, outsider artist. He mostly creates work in his spare time, when not web-designing, working on video projects or teaching at Community College of Baltimore County. He currently works and resides in Baltimore, Maryland.

To learn more about the process, visit Jim Doran's website here.

Artist: Jim Doran | Source: Offbeat Earth

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