Sunday, January 29, 2012

Shadowing Figures

Francesca Woodman's photography embraces the ambiguity and curiosity of the strong reality of life. Fragmented and mysterious in its nature, her photographs depicts a strength of character, multiple emotions and cultural modernity of the hyper-individualistic woman. Rather than focusing so much on De-constructivism and taking instances out of context, Woodman evaluates the importance of superimposing the different levels of the real.

In other words, with each image comes a different, explicit slice of life -- a deeper look into her inner world.

Currently showing at SF Moma, Francesca Woodman's retrospective, Francesca Woodman 1958-1981, is a must see. The exhibition is accompanied by a beautiful catalog, which includes the images shown above. A delicate approach to self-study and theatrical representation of the female world. Click here to purchase the exhibition catalog online. Last day to view is February 20th.

Artist: Francesca Woodman | Exhibiting at SF MOMA

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