Saturday, May 12, 2012

Balance: A Short Film Animation (1989)

"Balance," directed by German brothers Wolfgang and Christoph Layenstein, is a brilliant piece of animation that has stand its ground throughout the years. The film, created in 1989, has been featured in a few animation collections on video and of course, it was the winner of the Academy Award for Best Animated Short within that year. The silent film displays a simple concept, presented as well executed, stop-motion animation.

"A platform floats in neutral space. Strange men, identical except for the numbers on their back, appearing as though out of some dystopian future, must work in concert to prevent the platform from tipping. The emergence of a strange box, a new development in this closed and sterile space, disrupts the tedium but also the teamwork, as each man wants to individually inspect and enjoy the box--threatening them all as the platform becomes increasingly unbalanced." --Jason Sondhi

Directed by Wolfgang and Christoph Layenstein

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