Friday, May 4, 2012

Experimental Sound

Until you hear the beautiful collaboration between art-folk composer and violinist, Andrew Bird, and the bespectacled instrument maker, Ian Schneller, you might step back and wonder, what is it you missed out on. The two worked together effortlessly and experimented on a sculptural, performance based project that was on view recently at Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago. 

Schneller, was responsible for constructing the octagonally fluted speaker that recalled that of antique phonograph horns. The collection of horned speakers were made from compressed recycled newsprint and dryer lint that was entirely hand made into an on-site installation. Bird on the other hand was responsible for composing new notes for the performance. He recorded the inital compositions on-site within the atrium while sending musical information to different groups of horns via multiple loops. Using these speakers and amplifiers, they successfully transformed the soft, ethereal notes into muscular concert-hart fillers.

It is very interesting to know that Bird layered and changed the compositions throughout the remainder of the installation off-site via computer technology. Therefore, even when they are not around to perform, the overall experience was still delivered to the audience.

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