Friday, May 11, 2012

Look and Step Aside

This sensor-reactive installation is a direct commentary on the relationship between the self, the environment and public space. As the everyday passersby, we all experience visual stimulation whether we are conscious about it or not.

The interactive installation, "It's You," was placed behind the shop window, displayed to the greater public. As we approaches the shop window, the digital figures that stand before us will turn around and look at you and immediately step aside to let you see what is going on. More or less, it triggers the inner curiosity or in exact words, "nosiness," that we all perceive as normal.

In my opinion, I find this to be a very city-like or urban-dweller type of experience. At least, from what I have observed in many years. One comes in as a static, silent audience member but in reality, he or she becomes a participating performer. Indeed, this goes back to the idea of "participation." The question becomes, "are we a part of this digital experience?" It is quite engaging.

It is, in fact, considered an innovative installation and without doubt it brings about new creative channels for publicity. Who will go for this idea and apply it to brands? Why, of course, creative firms and advertising if they are fast enough to beat their competitors.

Artist: Karolina Sobecka

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