Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Salt Trails: Labyrinth

For the "Making Mends" exhibition at Bellevue Arts Museum, Motoi Yamamoto was invited to create an art installation as part of the group show. The exhibition itself brings together a strong line-up of national and international artists who focused on the sense of hope and perseverance.

Therefore, the exhibition focuses on the idea of healing or therapy through arts. Each artist addresses traumatic experiences and comes into term with it through the act of creation. Yamamoto, for instance, produced Labyrinth (2012) using pure, untouched salt. It is conceptual and yet touches upon the artist's drive to create his own path to perpetual act of spiritual enhancement and holistic healing.

The exhibition ends in a couple of days, May 27th! So make your way there quickly if you are around.

Artist: Motoi Yamamoto | Exhibiting at Bellevue Arts Museum

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