Monday, May 14, 2012

A Slice of Art

A couple of nice examples of Georgia Russell's lovely artwork. Although her framed pieces are so masterfully executed, I have always been more inclined towards her sculptural pieces. They just seem to have more character to it and I believe the texture and dimensionality creates a more inviting experience overall. She is extremely talented, and the best way to enjoy such work is to be able to breathe it all in, on many different levels that is.

Now, her pieces are very animated and equally beautiful to those of Brian Dettmer's. While Dettmer is particularly gifted in his ability to create pieces that are extremely polished looking, Russell does the exact opposite. She is very crafty in a sense where she is able to take on the expressive route, which works extremely well for her sculptures and even for a large scale installation if she were to take up on that. 

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