Thursday, June 7, 2012

Exhibition Recap: "Brucia"

ROJO artspace is known in the contemporary art world for showing progressive works from young and emerging contemporary artists. This time around, Fupete returns to Milan to present his latest line of work, one of which is solely focused on his on-going research about fire and the various shapes it takes--be it flames, dances, or wisps.

"Brucie" consists of smaller sized paintings hung against the background made up of white panels, acting as an extra layer of walls connecting around the room. As you can see, the drawing and painting does not stop there. For this show, he accentuated the finished pieces, with site specific, sculptural installations and wall doodles; searching for new, unexplored meanings and experimentations within the practice of painting. Nevertheless, Fupete utilized the space as an extension of his canvas.

The work embraces the idea of simplicity, in its most raw and abstract form. With a dominating palette of black, red and white, and a tad hint of yellow and light blue, the Italian-born artist creates a range of tense yet articulately represented abstract imagery. To an extent, some of the pieces touches upon the early developments of fire; originating in the islands and founded, explored by the tribes as they face nature itself.

With that being said, the work reminisce those beautiful cave drawings infused with modern illustration--ones that are rich in history and visual narrative. The exhibition will show until June 17th, 2012 at ROJO artspace Milano.

Photos courtesy of Giovanni Stimolo.

Artist: Fupete | Exhibiting at ROJO artspace Milano

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