Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Exhibition Recap: Tom Sachs at The Armory

I thought I should include these pictures from my visit to the Park Avenue Armory during the opening week of Tom Sachs' "Space Program: Mars" exhibition. The show, made possible by Creative Time and Citibank was quite enjoyable. I was fascinated by Sachs' humor and determination that was apparent in the process and creation of each work. The exhibition, is what you may see as a perfect example of Sachs' work ethic and creativity culture. Everything was well thought out and organized in a fashionable manner.

One aspect that I enjoyed and will in fact, remember is the collection of short films and videos that they produced for the audience to view. It is fascinating to learn in depth about Tom Sachs. The fun fact was, for those who watch all 10 films, receive an opportunity to interact with the artwork and all of Sachs' team. Yes, you get to go in and enter one of the pieces being displayed on the exhibition floor.

Moreover, the coolest part is always saved for last. At least, that was in my case. Soon after I finished exploring the exhibition, I stopped by the gift shop. It was like candy land and all products ranging from zines, Nike collaboration sneakers and clothing attire, published books, t-shirts, stickers and many more. Going home not empty handed was definitely the best way to end the day.

Artist: Tom Sachs | Exhibited at The Armory

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