Monday, June 18, 2012

Never Enough Books

Just returned from the New York Public Library in midtown and did some intense research. I thought about Alicia Martin's insane book installation I saw on a post a couple of months back. I remember emailing it to myself to make sure I would come back to it one day. One of the reasons why, I thought about this is because I felt like I was drowning in books! What a lovely feeling I can't explain.

Alicia Martin is an artist based in Spain who focuses mainly on sculptures and large-scale installations such as the one pictured in this post. This series of three site-specific installations of tornado of books shooting out of a window, entitled Biografies was done in Madrid, Spain. One of the location was Casa de America. Each whirlwind installation was comprised of 5,000 literary books, at least.

Artist: Alicia Martin | Source: Juxtapoz

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