Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Time Management: Baas

In collaboration with prominent kinetic objects company, Laikingland, Dutch designer Maarten Baas created a timer that is specifically designed not to be accurate. The piece is called Just About Now. A pretty catchy name in my opinion.

Nevertheless, the device starts as one scoops sand from a bowl into the glass funnel. From then on, the sand will trickle down into a brass cup container attached to a beater. Soon enough, it will start leaking back into the bowl and the beater will strike a gong when it empties out.

Maartin Baas created this piece with intentions of measuring periods of time that are not as important or in simple words, those time fragments that does not require precision by all means. It could be nap, shower or bath, and other leisurely activities.

Artist: Maarten Baas | In collaboration with Laikingland

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