Tuesday, June 12, 2012

What Shines Above Us

The latest addition to Brooklyn's landscape (and skyline) is the stunning public art project by artist Tom Fruin. The watertower is 10 feet in diameter, and stands tall above a building with a dimension of 25x10x10 feet. Using a steel platform base and reclaimed material such as discarded drug bags and containers from New York City's neighborhoods,  the tower is undoubtedly a unique showpiece.

What is great about it too is that every night from dusk until dawn, the tower will be lit from the inside. The light is programmed to change, making a evolving show for the public. There will be several movements and that will be discernible from distance. For instance, at midnight, the tower will culminate a special type of light movement to indicate the hour.

Artist: Tom Fruin | Source: My Modern Met

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