Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Wrap Around The Brilliant Mind

German artist Martin Pfiefle is known for his magical creations: beautiful installations that playfully integrates color and geometric elements. His tasteful an equally alarming installations have always relate to the environment it sits in and thus, Pfiefle often works around the place and setting.

It is as if his work breathes in and blends in with its surroundings. Seamlessly, naturally. The exhibition space itself becomes an art piece. Pfiefle actually encourages the viewer to become engaged and allures them to interact with the piece rather than just observe passively. He allows viewers to walk around his pieces and take in every inch of his marvelous installations.

Pfiefle has a vast and promising portfolio, and his work has long been celebrated over a decade. It may seem like a stretch, but his concepts has always been ahead of his time and as you may notice, many of his pieces have influenced many younger artists in the contemporary art world.

Beyond its context, Martin Pfiefle chooses his material carefully. Every medium he takes on would complement its environment and the rich story behind the art piece itself.

He stretches his idea and ties it together to create a conceptual masterpiece. Pfiefle's work is one of a kind and could easily fall into a fusion of architecture, design and visual arts.

Artist: Martin Pfiefle

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