Monday, July 2, 2012

It's All in The Details: The Art of Embroidery

Beautiful work involving embroidery. Izziyana Suhaimi's work examines the evidence of the hand and its time-consuming aspect. In short, it is a criticism of the mass-production centered age of our present time.

We are, more or less on a train to instant gratification, and her work on the other hand, is quite the opposit. She prefers to work with craft based techniques.

Suhaimi collapses the boundaries between traditional and popular cultures, exploring the links that exists between these two. It could be similarities or differences that ties the two together, what really matters is how they are being compared. The bottom line, how do the two combines itself in modern times? She is undoubtedly much more concerned with the relationship of traditional and popular cultures in the eyes of the modern youths.

Artist: Izziyana Suhaimi

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