Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Plastic Garbage at Museum's Doorstep

Last June, on a clear night in Gewerbemuseum of Winthertur, Switzerland, a monographic exhibition on plastic bags took place under the supervision and curation of Ida-Marie Corell and Susanna Kumschick.

As part of the exhibition, Luzinterruptus collected the largest amount of plastic bags from the city's inhabitants. As a perk, the museum encouraged visitors to trade in their plastic bags for a day pass to the museum, where they are free to visit the exhibitions. What a great perk just for being eco-conscious and supportive of the art community.

At the end, more than 5,000 bags were collected! So, they had a bunch to choose from, which was pretty cool indeed.

Luzinterruptus' final piece was titled "Plastic Garbage Guarding the Museum." Amongst all that was collected, they chose the most colorful and luxurious bags. Since they were putting it together, the pedestrians were able to see their progress and observe the creation process of this site-specific installations.

The exhibition, Oh, Plastiksack will be on view until October 7th, 2012. To view the exhibition, click here.

Artist: Luzinterruptus | Photos by: Gustavo Sanabria

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