Saturday, August 4, 2012

Off the Pacific: Sydney Biennale 2012 Blooms

*Lee Zhuoquan, Two Headed Snake*

*Lee Sook Kyung, Translated Vase - The Moon*

*Philip Beesley, Sybil*

*Monika Grzymala, The River*

*Tiffany Singh, Knock on the Sky, Listen to The Sound*

*Li Hongbo, Ocean of Flowers*

*Peter Robinson, Snow Ball Blind Time*

*Lee Mingwei, The Mending Project*

*Pinaree Sanpitak, Anything Can Break*

Amazing everything. Pictured here are few of many amazing artists that participated in the 18th Biennale of Sydney. These installations are quite remarkable.

For more information, visit Sydney Biennale 2012.

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  1. All of these art displays are so beautiful and interesting. Even though I am not truly an ardent fan of art, but I know they do tell a narrative that can be understood if thought of deep enough. I used to make my own renditions of what I call art but it is just one of my hobbies that I never took seriously as a passion. They are still up in my mobile pods and whenever I have time, I would work on them.


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