Tuesday, November 13, 2012

3D Print Photobooth

We all know that photo booths, in its very existence in our fast-paced world is a place of comfort, convenience, ease, and inexpensive photographs. It has been a part of our culture and will remain to be a go-to place for many individuals in need of the quick and easy option to capture memories. Japan however, has taken it to the next level by introducing 3D photo booth. It does exactly the same things. just printing it in a 3D format rather than on your regular flat, 2D photo paper. Yes--it is time to make yourself more alive by creating mini versions of you as action figures.

A pop-up shop of Tokyo's Harajuku neighborhood that is opening this month will let individuals print 3D versions of themselves. Omote 3D Shashin Kan will open on November 24th in the Eye of Gyre exhibition space and it will remain open until its closing date on January 14, 2013.

So how does it really work? Well, there would be a technician there to ensure all things go smoothly. He or she will scan your body in a similar manner as photography in the early days. You will remain in sight and hold your pose for approximately 15 minutes. The 3D print will impressively be a clone of you as a whole: realistic 3D photo that captures not only your features but also the basic texture of your clothing and hair.

The process is not cheap. As it suggests, a single figurine of 10 cm tall, will cost you around ¥21,000 ($264). Discounts are offered for a group of 3 or more, so plan ahead! It would be a pretty cool and different way to capture memories of 2012. Summing up the year and getting ready for the new!

If not in Japan, where else right? Oh that's right. Some say Madrid. No idea where though. Until then, I must plan for Japan to make a mini-nerdy-clone-of-self.

Source: iO9

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