Sunday, January 13, 2013

Color and Lack Thereof

A couple of works on paper by English artist Garth Evans. I love the colorful watercolor pieces he has done, but I have to be lying if I say I am not attracted to these greyscale and black and white pieces that belong to the Tate collection. That would be a big lie, because they are quite remarkable indeed. Below are the Untitled series of intaglio print on paper made in 1971.

Artist: Garth Evans

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Just Do It Already

Happy New Year! I thought I would begin 2013 by showing the work of Peruvian artist Mariela Garibay. Her work is mostly figurative and she focuses on form, more than anything. I love her work because of its simplicity. They remind me of Fernando Botero's line of work.

So, back to the present. Do you know why I posted these? It is purely motivational. Whatever your goal is for this new year, do it with care and stick to it! Holiday is over.

Artist: Mariela Garibay

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