Monday, January 5, 2015

Undercover Lover

Beirut artist Huguette El Khoury Caland is one of my favorite female artists. Her series, Undercover (2012) shown above are quite stunning. The daughter of the first president of Lebanon (Bechara El Khoury) first discovered and honed her skills under the mentorship of Manetti in 1947. Throughout the 60s and 70s she produced a line of work that falls under the erotic art category, which mainly focused on abstract art and body landscapes.

Nevertheless, her work has undoubtedly continued to evolve in time; however, her fascination and appreciation for sensuality still remain through the organic contours used in her paintings and sculptures.


circa 1970s

circa 1980s

Her work is included in the collections of both private and public institutions across United States, Middle East and Europe.

Artist: Huguette Caland | Represented by: Lombard Fried Gallery

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